To whom it may concern,
It is my pleasure to recommend Goodday Daniel Bohusz as a Shopware developer service provier.

From the beginning, Daniel and his team have steadily moved upward in our projects. They began as developers for our Shopware websites, then they also became responsible for offering tech support to our clients.

Throughout their collaboration with us, the company has consistently displayed a remarkable ability to cope not only in high stress situations, but to actually thrive in them. We were often notified of a shortened deadline on important Shopware projects. In situations like this, Daniel Bohusz, CEO of Goodday Daniel Bohusz, managed his team with confidence and efficiency. Despite the time constraints, the projects were completed ahead of schedule.

I give you my highest recommendation with confidence that Goodday Daniel Bohusz will use their experience and abilities to serve your companys’ interests well.

Feel free to contact me for references:

Name: Anne-Marie Hermel
Phone number: +40745103270
E-mail address: anne-marie.hermel@iconiq.de